Stoplight Alarm Clock for Kids and Toddlers
Time to wake up
Is it time to get up yet?
This is a question frequently heard by parents of toddlers in the middle of the night.

Now, thanks to the new Stoplight Alarm Clock, parents will be able to empower their kids to answer their own question of “is it time to get up.”
At a young age, toddlers know their colors and understand that red means stop and green means go.

Toy guru, Jim Silver promotes the Stoplight Clock on his show, 'Time to Play'
an Enquirer/ article

The Stoplight Alarm Clock features red and green lights that can be easily set by parents. When the red light is on, kids will understand that it is still time to sleep. When the green light turns on, kids will know that it is time to get out of bed.

A digital clock and optional beeping alarm function are also included as well as a nightlight feature that can be used separately.

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